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Vorträge 2013

Specialize Technology but Generalize People
Eric Sedlar, Vice President & Technical Director Oracle Labs
Friday, February 1, 2013, 2 p.m., Mathematikgebäude, Raum 042


We are finding that specialized hardware like GPUs or rack-integrated cluster appliances such as Oracle Exadata provide one or more orders of magnitude in performance per watt over commodity HW.  Similarly, building applications that can target distributed, customized hardware platforms and exploit parallelism will benefit from higher-level, domain-specific programming languages which allow for more optimizations.  But while the programming languages and hardware running in data centers in the next decade will be more specialized, the expertise required to build such systems is becoming more cross-functional.  Areas like HW/SW co-design and language runtimes require optimization tradeoffs spanning multiple research domains.  This talk covers examples of this trend by examining various research projects in Oracle Labs.


Dr. Alexander Borusan

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