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25. Mai: Großes live-FINALE

Lupe [1]


HOW to apply?

Lupe [2]

Apply online! Please, submit the following digital documents via ISIS login [3]:

  • Online registration form
  • Project presentation
  • images/graphical material
  • A short film (5 min maximum; e.g. demo, …)

The online form is for first registering your project and includes a short description of it. All further material can be submitted separately, but within the deadline.

Project Presentation

We would like to get a descriptive presentation of your project. It may be an informative project paper or a colorful presentation. You can use anything that works, pleases and can be sent via online application.

Short Film

Present you project in a short film or clip (up to five minutes) to introduce it to us – e.g. a demo, documentation… or commercial! For all of you with little or no experience in filming: no, you need not to be an experienced film maker. Focus is not on the technical perfection of your short film, but on the idea that is behind, in other words: your project counts, not the (technical) film making itself. For example, you can shoot with your smartphone!

Smartphone records, however, should not be too blurred. A tripod can be of help. Any software can be used to make your film. iMovie (Mac) or Windows Moviemaker are often the default software of a smartphone.

Technical Note

Short Description of the project

The short description in the online form should not exceed 1.000 characters (including spaces) and should be plain text, i.e. no pictures or image presentation.


Please, hand in your project presentation as a PDF file. Photos and other image presentations have to be provided in .png, .gif, .jpg, .jpeg or .pdf-formats. The short film you devised and realized can be uploaded as .mov, .mp4, .wmv, .avi or .flv file. The following compressed formats are accepted for all submissions: .zip, .tar, .gz and .rar.

File Sizes

Since ISIS only allows uploads with a maximum of 20 MB:

  • For the upload the presentation can be divided into several (compressed) data packages of maximal 20 MB, each.
  • For the upload the short film can be divided into several (compressed) data packages of maximal 20 MB, each. The short film can exceed the size of 20 MB. To make sure your film will not be too big (several GB), though, please submit it in SD quality first. A high resolution version might be requested later by the host of the event if you are among the top ten.
  • Additional images or graphical material (compressed) you would like to provide should not exceed the size of 20 MB.

For further details, please, check the participation terms (German) website.


Mona Niebur, Claudia Ermel, Olga Runge, Christian Brose
faculty4makers@eecs.tu-berlin.de [4]

  • From FAQs to Consultation hours [5]
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