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Doctoral Examination Dates

<< November 2019 >>

Promotion Agt-Rickauer more Supporting Domain Modeling with Automated Knowledge Acquisition and Modeling Recommendations

Promotion Enghardt more Informed Access Network Selection to Improve Application Performance

Promotion Mikulcak more Information Flow Analysis of Discrete Embedded Control System Models

Promotion Dong more Design and Comparison of two Brushless DC Drives for an Electric Propulsion System of Solar-Power Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Promotion Rothert more Wirkung von Beleuchtungsstärke und spektraler Verteilung des Lichts auf die Aufmerksamkeit am Tag

Promotion Hrabia more Self-Adaptive and Self-Organised Planning and Decision-Making for Multi-Robot Systems

Promotion Böh more Effizienzuntersuchung einer weich- und hartschaltenden Konverterstruktur mit Siliziumkarbid-Halbleitern als DC/DC Wandler für Hybrid- und Elektrofahrzeuge

Promotion Trowitzsch more Robust Sound Event Detection in Binaural Computational Auditory Scene Analysis

Promotion Mesquida more Tunable Lasers on a Polymer-Based Hybrid Photonic Integration Platform

Promotion Fluschnik more Elements of Efficient Data Reduction: Fractals, Diminishers, Weights and Neighborhoods


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