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Promotion Jonghyeon Kim more Lithium-ion Battery State Monitoring Method via Frequency Excitation: Verification in Experiments and Simulations

Promotion Marian Sirbu more Hybrid Metallo-Dielectric Grating Couplers for Unidirectional Excitation of SOI Waveguide Modes

Promotion Nils Wisiol more Modeling Attack Security of Physical Unclonable Functions based on Arbiter PUFs

Promotion Susanna Schwarzmann more Modeling and Design of Novel QoE Management Strategies for Adaptive Video Streaming

Promotion Matthias Karow more Broad-Area Laser Bars for 1 kW-Emission with High Efficiency and Narrow Far Field

Promotion Michael Bönigk more Der elektronische Betrieb von Hochdruckgasentladungslampen unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Schnittstelle Lampe – Vorschaltgerät

Promotion Thomas Kühne more Hybrid Analog Digital Beamforming: Implementation and Applications


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