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Promotion Elias Rohrer more On the Scalability, Resilience, and Privacy of Decentralized Blockchain Networks

Promotion Simon Schambeck more Einfluss der Temperaturwechselbedingungen auf Fehlermechanismus und Lebensdauer von SnAgCu Lotverbindungen

Promotion Yago Sánchez de la Fuente more Tile-based Streaming for Panoramic and 360° Video

Promotion Joachim Fellmuth more Securing Real-Time Cyber-Physical Systems using Artificial Software Diversity

Promotion Nino Sandmeier more Optimization of Adaptive Test Design Methods for the Determination of Steady-State Data-Driven Models in Terms of Combustion Engine Calibration

Promotion Metin Vural more Efficient Pareto Frontier Algorithms for Computing Structured Signal Representations

Promotion Fabio Molinari more Consensus-based Control Over Wireless Channels

Promotion Dorothee Menzel more Charge Carrier Selective Contacts for Silicon Heterojunction and Metal Halide Perovskite Solar Cells: Probing Energy Level Alignment and Defect States at the Electronic Interface using Photoelectron Spectroscopies

Promotion Andreas Elben more Enhancing the effectiveness of DC-PD measurements on polymer insulated cable systems by use of pulsed X-ray

Promotion Manish Sahu more Vision-based Context-awareness in Minimally Invasive Surgical Video Streams


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