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The habilitation is a postdoctoral examination, the successful completion of which qualifies the candidate to teach at a German university. It is of particular importance for those wishing to pursue an academic career because it is traditionally the basic requirement for appointment to a professorship. The amendment of the Higher Education Act (providing for the introduction of junior professorships) means that the habilitation is no longer a prerequisite for an academic career. It is too early yet to tell whether this will diminish the importance of the habilitation.

The habilitation is awarded on successful completion of the examination procedure set out in the Habilitation Examination Regulations. For admission to the habilitation procedure, prospective candidates must be in possession of a graduate degree and a PhD. To obtain the habilitation, they must have sufficient verifiable experience in academic teaching (including responsibility for preparing and teaching their own courses) and in research (including authorship of a substantial monograph or already published research results).

Prospective habilitation candidates may obtain information and application forms from the Faculty Administration.

Those in possession of the habilitation can apply for the so-called academic teaching authorization, thus acquiring the status of Private Lecturer. Private Lecturers are obliged to teach courses on a regular basis without remuneration. The current required teaching load is two hours per week every other semester. Those awarded the status of Private Lecturer acquire the right to membership of the university, which brings with it certain rights regarding participation in academic self-government bodies and examination procedures as well as the use of university facilities.

Prospective applicants for the status of Private Lecturer may obtain information and application forms from the Faculty Administration.


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