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Habilitationen 2013


Beyond Search: Business Analytics on Text Data
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alexander Löser
Mittwoch, 30. Oktober 2013, 12.15 Uhr, Sitzungsraum der Fakultät IV - Raum MAR 6.011, Marchstraße 23


The management of text data has a longstanding history in the human mankind. This talk is intended for anyone who wishes to find out how text data will continue to affect enterprise applications or who wishes to create new business processes from analyzing text data on the Web and within the enterprise.

One obvious example is enterprise search. Corporate search engines do not yet provide the capabilities that we expect from a standard Web search engine. In the first part of this talk I overview specialized techniques for searching, extracting and managing text data in the intranet or in a corporate forum.

Another relevant example is explorative search. Often, decision makers seek complementing well-protected in-house data with publically available text data from the Web. While individual documents on the Web might already contain very valuable information, the timely aggregation and analysis over large text data collections is the most crucial competitive advantage for these companies. In the second part of this talk I provide a more in-depth description of how we can aggregate text data from the Web with structured queries in a cost effective and ad-hoc fashion. 

Finally, I introduce data marketplaces as a novel incentive paradigm for text data integration. These infrastructures enable completely new business models with information and analysis techniques as electronically tradable goods and offer many cost savings. 

The presented key scientific achievements base on real life observations from enterprise search systems within IBM, SAP, the exploratory search portal www.GoOLAP.info and from a data market for the ‘.DE Web’.  A major part of the scientific results are being applied to improve technology in these systems and organizations.

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Habilitationen 2013