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Habilitationen 2010


Automatic Generation of Service Availability Models
Dr.-Ing. Nikola Milanovic, Berlin

Mittwoch, den 19. Mai 2010, um 12.00 Uhr, Raum EN 719


In the world where on-demand and trustworthy service delivery is one of the main preconditions for successful business, service and business process availability is of the paramount importance and cannot be compromised. For that reason service availability is coming into central focus of the IT operations and management research and practice. Still, our understanding of service and process availability is mostly empirical and at best, sketchy. Services are assessed using a mixture of qualitative, quantitative and analytical methods, with results of varying quality. This talk introduces a systematic model-based methodology and a tool for service and business process availability assessment. The main advantage of the proposed method is the ability to automatically generate and solve availability models, based on the service/process description and technical infrastructure it is executing on. Therefore, service level agreements can be tested/simulated or return on investment calculation can be performed, without the need for costly experiments and/or actual investments.



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