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Habilitationen 2008


Execution Scheduling for Mobile Applications in 3G Networks
Dr. rer. nat. Roman Englert
Mittwoch, 12. März 2008 um 10.00 Uhr - Raum FR 5516

Today exists already a tremendous number of applications that is running on mobile clients. Mobile clients like smartphones are computer systems with high demands on robustness and quick boot capabilities. However, applications that need during runtime a connection to a server in the backbone require in general 30 seconds to start and for 3G networks / UMTS more. We propose a real-time approach that reduces the set-up time for at least 10 server-based mobile applications by 68%.

The approach is based on scheduling with resources. In a first step we consider scheduling for a static environment where several applications are being started at a coincident time point. The approach had been submitted to the International Planning Competition 2004 (IPC-2004), where worldwide19 groups tried to improve the presented results. Finally, we will show the proven optimum for this scheduling challenge. The proof is based on the Simplex method. The presented approach reaches the optimum by 8%, but the computation time for the Simplex method is far beyond real-time.



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