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Promotion Tech mehr Synthesized View Distortion Computation by Rendering for Encoding of Depth Maps

Promotion Frevert mehr Optimization of broad-area GaAs diode lasers for high powers and high efficiencies in the temperature range 200-220 K

Promotion Ide mehr Hybrid 3D Reconstruction for Geometry-Based Free Viewpoint Video

Promotion Ehrenbrink mehr The Role of Psychological Reactance in Human-Computer Interaction

Promotion Lucas mehr GPU Power Modeling and Architectural Enhancements for GPU Energy Efficiency



Absolventenfeier mehr Absolventenfeier

Promotion Lowinski mehr Parallelization of Legacy Automotive Control Software for Multi-Core Platforms

Promotion Saeed mehr Precise 3-D localization and simulation of topographic objects in the synthetic aperture radar images



19. Sitzung des Fakultätsrats mehr Fakultätsrat

Promotion Rautschke mehr Schaltungsentwurf und Aufbautechnologie hocheffizienter GaN-HEMT Leistungsverstärker in MIC-Technologie

Promotion Lohrke mehr Laser-Based Attacks on Secure Integrated Circuits - Extracting and Protecting Sensitive Information

Promotion Lapuschkin mehr Opening the Machine Learning Black Box with Layer-wise Relevance Propagation

Promotion Obi Akonjang mehr ISP Traffic Management via Flow Optimization



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