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Catalogue of Guidelines

Faculty Council Decision FKR IV 2/16-16.07.2008

Faculty IV Guidelines for Instructional Staff Members

  1. Information related to the Academic Programmes and courses is to be updated on a regular basis (particularly during the lecture period) so that it is always current.
  2. All Academic Programmes are to activate an Email address with the form service@<group name abbreviation>.tu-berlin.de. Emails sent to this address are to receive a response within four workdays.
  3. When the prerequisites have been met, the required assessments or certifications for study abroad or scholarship applications are to be issued within three weeks.
  4. When the instructor of one of the Faculty’s required courses uses scripts or lecture slides, they are to be made available electronically prior to the respective lecture.
  5. All of the Faculty’s required courses are to be evaluated on a regular basis. The results are to be made available to Faculty members at www.eecs.tu-berlin.de/menue/studium_und_lehre/.
  6. Examination results are to be announced four weeks after the exam date at the latest. Exams are to be made available for the students to review two weeks after the results have been announced at the latest.
  7. Immediately following oral exams, the examiner and/or co-examiner is/are to provide the student with verbal feedback and the opportunity to discuss it.
  8. Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Diplom theses are to be graded within six weeks.
  9. During the lecture period, professors and other relevant instructional personnel are to hold weekly office hours.
  10. Appointments for oral examinations are not to exceed three months from the time of registration for the exam.

The Faculty expects that students will

  1. strive to establish an atmosphere that is conducive to learning and participate actively in classes;
  2. keep scheduled appointments, especially for exams, or cancel them well in advance;
  3. request certifications or assessments early enough and submit the necessary documents;
  4. pick up exercise and other certificates soon after they are issued;
  5. check the website of the Faculty and their academic programme on a regular basis to keep abreast of current announcements and try find the information they seek on the Internet before contacting their Programme administrators;
  6. be familiar with the relevant Programme and Examination Regulations:
  7. be reachable via their TU Berlin (tubIT) email addresses.


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