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What is Information Systems Management?


Companies network, exchange goods and services electronically. The ongoing process of a growing networking and digitization of today’s society produces an increasing flood of data and information. Catchwords like data protection or data preservation are the best illustration for the power of information and what the abuse thereof might cause. This also increases the professional demands placed on computer scientists: in addition to computer know-how, economic knowledge is becoming more important. This is where information systems management comes in.

Information Systems Management is an interdisciplinary subject between computer science and business administration and includes sociological, occupational science and psychological aspects. As a young, strongly interdisciplinary science, it deals with the conception, development and application of information systems for operational tasks as well as with the general management of information and business processes in companies and administration. Information technology has become a key to competitiveness in many areas.

Graduates work at the interface between Business Management and Information and Communication Technology and therefore are able to work in virtually any sector, company, institution, authority and scientific institute, that uses computerized information technology in order to process highly complex, company-wide business processes.


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