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Program Structure

This two-year program has a standard study period of four semesters. Besides of the compulsory courses, this Master’s program is based on a range of electives and requires you to write a final Master’s thesis. Building on skills you acquired during the Bachelor’s program, the Master’s core studies will provide you with in-depth knowledge in different areas of computer science. It will impart you with the relevant skills to manage specific professional techniques and to adopt innovative and creative problem-solving strategies as well as equip you with an understanding of current technologies in the field of computer science and in related scientific and professional fields. 

Therefore we significantly revised the modules of all our Master’s programs. We organized them into different study areas so you can choose your modules with thematic focal points that will feed directly into your individual study profiles. The Study and Examination Regulations define which rules are to be adhered to when choosing the study areas.

Compulsory Electives

The compulsory electives are comprised of a total of 60 to 66 credit points. You may choose modules worth 30 to 42 credit points from one of the following study areas:

  • Data and Software Engineering
  • Embedded Systems and Computer Architectures
  • Foundations of Computing
  • Cognitive Systems
  • Digital Media and Human-Computer Interaction
  • Distributed Systems and Networks

For the additional compulsory electives, modules worth 18 to 36 credit points are to be completed, which you may choose from any combination of the other listed study areas, respectively from the study area Information Systems.


For general electives you have to complete modules worth 24 to 30 credit points with thematic focus on both technical skills and general skills. You may choose modules from all courses offered by the TU Berlin or other universities or colleges of equal standing within the scope of the Higher Education Framework Act (Hochschulrahmengesetz) as well as from courses offered by equivalent foreign universities and institutions of higher education.

Recommended Progress of Study

Sample Study Plan
1. Semester
30 CP
Compulsory Electives
Study Area
30-42 CP
Compulsory Electives
Study Areas
18-36 CP
24-30 CP
2. Semester
30 CP
3. Semester
30 CP
4. Semester
30 CP
Master's Thesis
30 CP

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