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Pia Janik
Elisabeth Nutis


Due to the current situation caused by the Corona pandemia, all personal office hours of the office of the examination boards of faculty IV are canceled from now on and for the time being. Counseling and answering your enquiries at this time can only be offered via e-mail. We will get back to you as soon as possible. If you email us please use your TU email address.


The Examination Office is providing information about current developments and changes (e.g. important hints to examinations, deadlines) in the context of coronavirus. Please check the news website which is regularly updated. Please also note the TU Berlin Crisis Committee's information letter on specific regulations for students.
TU Berlin will transition to essential-only presence at the close of the work day on 20 March 2020 until further notice. All employees will continue their work from home but can be reached by e-mail. All TU buildings will be closed.

Thank you for your attention to these measures.
If you email us please use your TU email address.
If you contact us by email please make sure that your message contains the following information:

  • name
  • matriculation number
  • degree program
  • short description of your query as precise as possible!
For enquiries please contact the appropriate examination board (listed below).

Examination Boards and Chairs

Examination Board
Electrical Engineering
Prof. Dr. Julia Kowal


Computer Science
Prof. Dr. Sabine Glesner

Information Systems Management
Prof. Dr. Sabine Glesner

Computer Engineering
Prof. Dr. Friedel Gerfers

Automotive Systems
Prof. Dr. Clemens Gühmann

Digital Media & Technology
Prof. Dr. Sebastian Möller

Media Technology
Prof. Dr. Sebastian Möller

ICT Innovation
Prof. Dr. Axel Küpper

Computational Neuroscience
Prof. Dr. Benjamin Lindner (HU Berlin)

The Examination Board is located at HU Berlin.


The Examination Board makes sure that examination regulations are respected and is responsible for all related questions in this regard. The Examination Board deals with all questions concerning exams but does not provide study counseling. Please contact the Student Advisory Service for all general questions regarding your course of study and application forms. 

In accordance with § 41 Abs. 3 AllgStuPO (Regulations Governing Study and Examination Procedures) the Examination Board is responsible for the following tasks

  • Organising of examinations
  • Recognition of study periods, study credits and examination results
  • Appointment of examiners and assessors
  • Decisions regarding appropriate examination conditions for students with long-term or permanent disabilities or health issues, which prevent them from completing course or exam requirements in the prescribed form (disadvantage compensation)

Further tasks are:

  •  Deadline extension for final thesis
  •  Deadline extension for re-examinations
  •  One-time change of examination type for a modul exam
  •  Exemptions from the course catalog / subject catalog (if provided with in the Study and Examination Regulations)


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