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University Rankings


This page shows a selection of university rankings that regard our faculty.

QS World University Ranking by Subject

For “QS World University Rankings by Subject“ academical reputation, reputation with employers and scientific citations per publication are regarded every year. The evaluation is based on official statistics and surveys among university graduates and human resources executives. Here, currently 3.551 universities world-wide were regarded. The 2015 ranking was extended from 30 to 36 subjects.

Results 2015

In 2015 TU’s Electrical Engineering reached position 44. Thus, it is in position 2 of all German universities. Computer Science is placed in the second group of positions 51 to 100, (here, no individual positions are given).


Results 2012

As they say themselves, QS World University Rankings compare the world’s highest-performing universities. The rankings are based on surveys of 50.000 university graduates and employers as well as an evaluation of the citations of university research. For some individual study subjects ranking lists of the leading 200 universities are created. They are based on a value on a scale between 0 and 100, composed of academic reputation, reputation of the graduates with employers and the number of citations. www.cio.de/karriere/2886894/

  • Electrical Engineering: TU Berlin position 43 + best German university 
  • Computer Science: TU Berlin among the top 100 + among the three best German universities 

QS TopUniversities Ranking (Great Britain) 2011:

In the current ranking TU Berlin is in position 205 in the overall evaluation. Compared to the previous year, it was able to improve its performance by 12 positions. Germany-wide TU Berlin reaches position 14, among the great technical universities it is in position 4. For the subject group “Engineering & Technology” TU Berlin is in position 45, thus being among the best 50 universities world-wide in this subject. In the subject Statistics TU Berlin holds position 3 Germany-wide and is among the best 100 universities world-wide. TU Berlin is also among the top 100 of all German universities for the subject group Mechanical, Aeronautical and Manufacturing Engineering. In the subject Chemistry, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Systems, Mathematics and Metallurgy & Materials Sciences it has a position among the best 150 world-wide. In the subject Economics TU Berlin is among the best 200 universities word-wide.

Research Rankings

Special Evaluation “Multidimensional Excellence“ of the CHE

"Multidimensional Excellence" replaces the CHE research ranking, which ceased to exist in 2009. It is extended by the categories Internationality, Knowledge Application and Student Orientation. The new special evaluation is based on results which were published already in the CHE university ranking of 2010 and 2011. Furthermore, new indicators were created from raw data, which have not been published in past rankings. (November 2011)

  • Electrical Engineering and Computer Science: TU Berlin is one of the best universities in these subjects. In the indicator Research it reaches all of the possible 8 top positions. In the dimension Knowledge Application it holds 4 top positions and in Internationality all 3 possible top positions.

Research Ranking of the CHE

The Centre of Higher Education (CHE) evaluated the research activities of the German universities in a ranking list (updated version 2009). TU Berlin holds top positions in the following disciplines:

  • Computer Science (evaluated in 2009): leading in third-party funding Germany-wide; doctoral theses: position 4
  • Electrical and Information Technology (2007): 7 of 8 top positions; third-party funding per scientist: position 1 Germany-wide; publications, doctoral theses and inventions: in the top groups

Study Subjects

University Rankings of the CHE

The university ranking of the Center of Higher Education (CHE) helps pupils and future students to find the right university. Every subject is newly evaluated every three years. TU Berlin has a top ranking in the following areas:

  • Computer Science (2015): research money per scientist, doctoral theses per professor, international orientation (generally and for Master students), finishing studies in adequate time, library facilities

  • Computer Schience (2012): research money per scientist, doctoral theses per professor and support for studies abroad
  • Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (2010):nternational orientation, publications per scientist, research money per scientist, doctoral theses per professor

International Issues

Participation of German universities in the 6th framework program of research and technical development of the European Commission of November 2008:

TU Berlin is leading among Berlin universities in terms of procurement of third party funding of the European Commission. Germany-wide, TU Berlin is in position 9 in EC third-party funding per chair, in the category of participation in EC projects we are in position 7.

In 6 of 16 main topics or programs of the 6th framework program TU Berlin was placed among the 10 best German universities. In the research program “Technologies for the Information Society” (IST) TU Berlin reached position 4 (Germany-wide). (November 2008)

Survey in Companies

Every year, the WirtschaftsWoche magazine ranks German universities in co-operation with the consulting company Universum Communications and the personal service provider access KellyOCG. The ranking pays special attention to how universities prepare their graduates for their future positions. A survey among human resources executives is made. For the current ranking 591 human resources executives were surveyed. The ranking evaluates the subjects Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. 

The results for TU Berlin and Faculty IV are as follows:

Computer Science
Electrical Engineering

Stefan Lake, director of Universum Deutschland summarizes the result of the survey as follows: The universities with the highest values are those which prepare their graduates for their future positions in an optimal way.

TU Berlin


Within TU Berlin, Faculty IV Electrical Science and Computer Science has been in a leading position for years:

41,1 Mio. Euro
Position 1 TU-wide
39,4 Mio. Euro
Position 1 TU-wide
39,3 Mio. Euro
Position 1 TU-wide
38,3 Mio. Euro
Position 1 TU-wide
34,2 Mio. Euro
Position 1 TU-wide
25,4 Mio. Euro
Position 2 TU-wide



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