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User Interfaces based on a hand-held projection screen - Kristian Bermann


This thesis presents a software system and hardware that allows the user to explore virtual 3D objects in an intuitive way. The main hardware component is a hand-held projection screen with a pen. The user can control the virtual camera that observes a 3D object by altering the projection screen's pose (position and orientation). The pen is a replacement for the computer mouse and can be used to point and draw directly on the projection screen.
A camera is used to observe the infrared light emitting diodes (LEDs) that are mounted on the frame of the projection screen. After extracting the observed LEDs' positions from the camera image and matching them to their known positions on the screen's frame, the pose of the projection screen can be estimated. The virtual 3D object's image is projected onto the screen by a stationary projector. As the screen is hand-held and therefore moving, the image of the object has to be scaled and warped to appear exactly on the projection screen instead of filling the whole projector beam. All this can be done in real-time, using the system we present in the thesis. 
Furthermore, different ways of utilizing the presented system to control a virtual camera are discussed. Finally, a way of using the projection screen as input and output device for FiberMesh, a sketch based interface for designing free-form surfaces, is presented.


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