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Gradient Domain Video Editing - Carsten Zander

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Gradient Domain Video Editing - Carsten Zander


This thesis presents a software system for video editing. Instead of manipulating the objects in a video, for instance by alpha matting, it uses the gradients of the video and offers tools for editing them by different operators. Then the gradients are reconstructed by solving a Poisson equation. All this is done in 3D, for the whole video all at once, using time as the third dimension.

Several operators which are applied to the gradient field are developed in order to avoid artifacts, like temporal change of illumination, which are difficult to handle in the common ways of video editing. Therefore the temporal coherence of the video will be used as well. This work explains the theory of solving the Poisson equation in an efficient way as well as the documentation of the development of the operators and their effectiveness in reducing artifacts.



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