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Combining Pen and Multi-Touch Displays for Focus+Context Interaction - Stefan Elstner


Users working with large information spaces often need to keep an overview while working on detailed data. Mostly this applies to documents that are too large to fit onto a single screen. Several approaches that address this problem are summarized under the term focus+context.
This thesis presents a novel focus+context technique. A multi touch table based on frustrated internal reflection (FTIR) with its large screen is used to display context information. On top of its surface a pen enabled display, the focus, is placed to show the region it occupies with a high resolution. The pen panel can be moved around and is always synchronized to show the covered area. Various changes to the table software have been done that enable the detection of the panel.
Furthermore, realizing the detection of objects with FTIR in general, leading to the possibility of detecting the pen panel on the surface of the table, is explained.
The advantages of this setup are shown as well as two applications that have been implemented and customized to verify the system. This includes a demonstration software showing a fish tank from above and a 3D sketching application.
The sketching application also implements various interaction techniques exploiting multi touch and shows the resulting gains from the use of focus+context.


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