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Processing Digital Camera Images (WS2008)

0433 L 380
Prof. Dr. Marc Alexa

Mathias Eitz [1]

Course structure:
Seminar - 2 SWS
E-N 719

Tuesday   4pm  -  6pm  
Start: 14 Oct 2008
End: 11 Feb 2009
Images taken with a digital camera can be processed and manipulated to create digital imagery that cannot be taken with cameras: several pictures of the same scene taken with different camera parameters could be combined to create effects unachievable with a standard digital camera (e.g. high dynamic range images); several pictures of different scenes could be combined to create e.g. a larger panoramic image. The course gives a brief overview of the basic ideas and several recent developments in this field.
The course additionally focuses on what can be done with a large database of digital images (several million of images downloaded from Flickr). See, for example Scene Completion Using Millions of Images [2]
Grading will be based on implementation and the talk.
Prerequisites: Programming skills, ideally access to a digital camera (although this could be arranged for a limited number of participants), interest in visual arts/photography.

Final projects

Lupe [3]
Lupe [4]
Lupe [5]
  • Scene Completion from Millions of Photographs [6] (Carlo Fürst, Ruben Gerlach, Moritz Schneeweiss)
  • Image Flight [7] (Matthias Hausburg, Ronald Richter, Ingo Breßler)
  • Tone Mapping [8] (Roman Zimmer, Philipp Herholz, Volker Parsiegla)
  • Image Mosaics [9] (Mario Bodemann, Sebastian Koch, Dmitry Nedospasov, Helen Perkunder)
  • HDR image creation [10] (Marcel Poppe, Christian Corona)


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Sample projects from last year

Lupe [12]
Lupe [13]

Some samples of what students in previous classes implemented:

  • Best Focus Distance [14]
  • Flash/No Flash Photography [15]
  • Environment Matting [16]
  • Advanced Synthetic Lighting [17]
  • HDR capture and tone mapping [18]


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