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Scanning real world objects without worries

Marc Alexa
Uwe Hahne
Course structure:
Project (PR) - 6 SWS
EN 719
Tuesday, 10:00  -  16:00    weekly.
Start : 17.10.2006    End : 14.02.2007
Using current scanning technology we will generate depth images of statues in and around Berlin (e.g.. Sanssouci), then register the depth images, and generate standard computer graphics models from the aligned depth images (e.g., textured meshes or models for image based rendering).

The project involves careful planning, and after that site visits and scanning the statues, implementing or adapting tools for denoising, registration, and model reconstruction, as well as presentation of the resulting models in class and the web.
CG 2 is highly recommended.

Final results

This project called "Scanning real world objects without worries" took place at the Technical University Berlin during the winter semester 2006/2007. On this page the process of the project and its results are presented. Each student had to work on one part of the project. In the following the final presentation slides and the documentation files are listed:

  • Antoine Mischler: Measuring the error and improving the data of the PMD camera [1] (pdf) (slides [2])
  • David Karlsson: Noise in the PMD[vision]® 3k-S [3] (pdf [4]) (slides [5])
  • Florian Hartl: Calibrating the Olympus SP-500 UZ [6] (pdf [7]) (slides [8])
  • Dennis Kant: Extrinsic calibration and aperture angle [9] (pdf) (slides)
  • Sebastian Szczepanski: Calibration Toolchain [10] (pdf [11]) (slides [12])
  • Jonas Hurrelmann: Features [13] (pdf [14]) (slides)
  • Stefan Sechelmann: Depth Image Alignment: An Implementation [15] (pdf) (slides)
  • Feng Li + Kuan Tian: 3D Reconstruction [16] (pdf) (slides)

If you are interested in the source code or have any uncleared questions, feel free to contact the authors of these documents or Uwe Hahne directly.

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