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Computational Photography (WS2007)

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Computational Photography (WS2006)

0433 L 380
Prof. Dr. Marc Alexa

Dr. Olga Sorkine

Course structure:
Seminar (SE) - 2 SWS
EN 719
Tuesday   4pm  -  6pm  
Start : 17 Oct 2006 at 3pm
Computational photography extends the possibilities of classical photography by postprocessing several digital images of the same objects taken with different camera parameters. The course gives a brief overview of the basic ideas and several recent developments. Then students are expected to implement a technique discussed in the literature or their own ideas (at the discretion of the instructor). The ideas and resulting images are presented in a final talk.
Grading will be based on implementation and the talk.

Programming skills, ideally access to a digital camera (although this could be arranged for a limited number of participants), interest in visual arts/photography.

Front Matter

  • Preferred language: english (although communication clarity wins over this language preference)
  • Attendance is mandatory
  • Please make use and reuse all available resources (but give references)
  • Grading will be based on all aspects of performance

Schedule, Presentations, Projects

  • 17 Oct: Administrativa, what’s Computational Photography
  • 24 Oct: Distribution of advanced topics, more details on implementation projects
  • 31 Oct:Dennis Kant on the plenoptic function and lightfields, Peggy Sylopp on raster images, color models, and image compression
  • 07 Nov:Jan Nietfield on Cameras, Stefan Sayer on convolution and feature extraction
  • 14 Nov: Ivo Brodien on image warping , Antoine Mischler on gradient domain image processing
  • 21 Nov: Mathias Eitz on bilateral filtering, Feng Li on graph cutfileadmin/fg144/Courses/07WS/compPhoto/PoissonImageEditing.pdf
  • 28 Nov: Stefan Lehmann on panoramic image mosaics, and Claudia Stripf on multi-viewpoint panoramas
  • 5 Dec: Martin Müllenhaupt on Radial Multiview Imaging, Piotr Trebisz on Fluttered Shutter
  • 12 Dec: Kuan Tian on light field photography, Mathias Kempke on Synthetic Aperture Confocal Imaging
  • 19 Dec: Xmas (tbd)
  • 16 Jan: presentation of implementations:
    - Kuan Tian & Li Feng: Separating direct from global illumnation
    - Claudia Stripf & Mathias Eitz: High Dynamic Range Imaging
    - Antoine Mischler & Stefan Sayer: Synthetic lighting
  • 23 & 30 Jan: no class (time for preparing web presentations, Olga is available for discussion)
  • 6 Feb: presentation of implementations:
    - Jan Nietfeld & Ivo Brodien: Dual Photography
    - Peggy Sylopp & Mathias Kempke & Martin Müllenhaupt: Diverse
    - Dennis Kant & Stefan Lehmann: Flash / no-flash photography
  • 13 Feb: no meeting (send links to your web material by email!)

Expected coursework (each participant)

Prepare talk on introductory OR advanced topic

  • Present in class
  • Make material available on the web

Implement computational photography technique

  • Present in class
  • Make available on the web



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