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Computer Graphics 2 (SS2008)

0433 L 357
Prof. Dr. Marc Alexa

Mathias Eitz

Course structure:
Integrated event (IV) - 4 SWS
MA 041
Thursday   2pm  -  6pm  
Start : 17 Apr 2008
Parametric curves and surfaces, Implicit curves and surfaces

Triangular meshes:
Compression, simplification, multiresolution models

Modul CG2 - Modeling in Computer Graphics

Programming skills in an oo-language
Algorithms and data structures
Linear Algebra


  • 12.07.08: Grades for the third and fourth practice sheet
  • 07.07.08: The CG2 exams from 2004 and 2005 for preparation.
  • 26.06.08: Check the page of Michael Garland for more information about surface simplification using quadric error metrics
  • 20.06.08: Grades for the second practice sheet online
  • 30.05.08: Grades for the first practice sheet online
  • 07.05.08: Some performance figures of a C++ Octree/KdTree implementation to compare your own implementation against (querying the 25 nearest neighbors on the dragon model ~0.5 Mio points): Octree (max depth 10, bucket size 10): ~150μs; Kd Tree (bucket size: 10): ~30μs
  • 05.08: Final list of groups
  • 02.05.08: Here is the list of groups

Exercise 4: 16.06.08 - 10.07.08


Simplification and subdivision of triangles meshes

The provided implementations should be regarded as information only, do not use them as templates for your implementation.

Exercise 3: 29.05.08 - 19.06.08


Approximation and polygonization of implicit surfaces
Caveat: Normals of the horse, hound, rhino and snail dataset need to be flipped.

Exercise 2: 09.05.08 - 29.05.08


Approximation of heightfields

A paper about LS, WLS and MLS which might be helpful for solving the exercise.
You might want to use the Newmat10 library for solving linear systems.
You should be able to handle large files (1M points) in a reasonable amount of time.

Exercise 1: 17.04.08 - 08.05.08


Hierarchical spatial data structures

Additional models with more than one million points can be downloaded from the Stanford 3D Scanning Repository and the AIM@SHAPE Shape Repository


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