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Depth Imaging

Lupe [1]

Since 2007 we are working on depth imaging. We combine the depth images from either time-of-flight or stereo cameras with color images. We aim on not just gathering depth information from these systems alone or by fusing them, but also visualize the depth information directly. This includes augmented reality scenarios as well as image or video manipulation.


Lupe [2]

We offered several courses about this research topic. See the webpages of the projects for details.

  • Scanning real world objects without worries [3]
  • Depth Imaging for Real-Time Video Manipulation [4]


Lupe [5]
Lupe [6]

Combining Time-Of-Flight Depth and Stereo Images without Accurate Extrinsic Calibration
Uwe Hahne, Marc Alexa
Int. J. Intelligent Systems Technologies and Applications 2008 [7]
Talk at Dyn3D workshop September 2007 [8]

Lupe [9]
Lupe [10]

Real-time depth images from time-of-flight range and stereo
image data
Uwe Hahne, Antoine Mischler, Marc Alexa

Poster at Pacific Graphics 2008 [11]
Diploma thesis Antoine Mischler [12]

Lupe [13]

Depth imaging by combining time-of-flight and on-demand stereo
Uwe Hahne, Marc Alexa
In Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Volume 5742/2009 Dynamic 3D Imaging
Presented at Workshop in Conjunction with DAGM, Jena, 2009
Video [14] Slides [15] Publication [16]

Lupe [17]

Exposure fusion for time-of-flight imaging
Uwe Hahne, Marc Alexa
Computer Graphics Forum, Volume 30 - Issue 7, pp. 1887-1894
Presented at Pacific Graphics 2011, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Project page [18], Publication [19]

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