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Combining Time-Of-Flight Depth and Stereo Images without Accurate Extrinsic Calibration
Citation key Hahne:2008:CTD
Author Uwe Hahne and Marc Alexa
Pages 325 - 333
Year 2008
Journal International Journal of Intelligent Systems Technologies and Applications
Volume 5
Number 3/4
Month September
Note We combine a low resolution time-of-flight depth image
camera based on photonic mixer devices with two standard cameras
in a stereo configuration. We show that this approach is useful even
without accurate calibration. In a graph cut approach, we use depth
information from the low resolution time-of-flight camera to initialize
the domain, and color information for accurate depth discontinuities in
the high resolution depth image. The system is promising as it is low
cost, and naturally extends to the setting of dynamic scenes, providing
high frame rates.
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