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Exposure Fusion for Time-Of-Flight Imaging
Zitatschl├╝ssel Hahne:2011:EFT
Autor Uwe Hahne and Marc Alexa
Buchtitel Proceedings of Pacific Graphics 2011
Jahr 2011
Jahrgang 30 (2011)
Nummer 7
Notiz to appear
Zusammenfassung This work deals with the problem of automatically choosing the correct exposure (or integration) time for time-of-flight depth image capturing. We apply methods known from high dynamic range imaging to combine depth images taken with differing integration times in order to produce high quality depth maps. We evaluate the quality of these depth maps by comparing the performance in reconstruction of planar textured patches and in the 3D reconstruction of an indoor scene. Our solution is fast enough to capture the images at interactive frame rates and also flexible to deal with any amount of exposures.
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