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Schönfelder, V.H., and Wichmann, F.A. (2012). Sparse regularized regression identifies behaviorally-relevant stimulus features from psychophysical data [23]. The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 3953-3969.

Samek, W., Müller, K.-R., Kawanabe, M., and Vidaurre, C. (2012). Brain-computer interfacing in discriminative and stationary subspaces [24]. 34th annual international conference of the IEEE engineering in medicine and biology society (EMBS)

Samek, W., Vidaurre, C., Müller, K.-R., and Kawanabe, M. (2012). Stationary common spatial patterns for brain-computer interfacing [25]. Journal of Neural Engineering, 026013.

Rost, T., Riehle, A., Nawrot, M.P. (2012). A model of Trial-to-Trial Variability in Monkey Motor Cortex [26]. 10th International Workshop on Neural Coding, Prague, Czech Republic, Sep 2-7, 2012

Clemens, J. (2012). Neural computation in small sensory systems. Lessons on sparse and adaptive coding [27]. Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Görgen, K. (2012). Exploring brain-to-brain-connectivity - How hyperscanning can help us advance communication neuroscience [28]. Invited Talk at the Donders Discussion Conference 2012, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Görgen, K. (2012). Multivariate decoding of neural data: Introduction and hands-on [29]. Selected talk at the IK2012 Meeting, Günne, Germany

Görgen, K., Hebart, M.N., and Haynes, J.-D. (2012). The Decoding Toolbox (TDT): An easy-to-use decoding package for fMRI data [30]. Conference of the Human Brain Mapping Organization, Beijing, China

Hackmack, K. (2012). Decoding Multiple Sclerosis and Related Disease Parameters Using Structural Brain MRI and Multivariate Analysis Algorithms [31]. BCCN/ Charité Berlin

Hackmack, K., Weygandt, M., Wuerfel, J., Pfueller, C., Bellmann-Strobl, J., Paul, F., and Haynes, J.-D. (2012). can we overcome the clinico-radiological paradox in multiple sclerosis? [32]. Journal of Neurology, 2151-60.

Hackmack, K., Paul, F., Weygandt, M., Allefeld, C., and Haynes, J.-D. (2012). Multi-scale classification of disease using structural MRI and wavelet transform [33]. Neuroimage

Weygandt, M., Blecker, C., Schaefer, A., Hackmack, K., Vaitl, D, Haynes, J.-D., Schienle, A., and Stark, R. (2012). fMRI pattern recognition in an obsessive-compulsive disorder symptom provocation study [34]. Neuroimage

Bießmann, F., Dähne, S., Meinecke, F.C., Blankertz, B., Görgen, K., Müller, K.-R., and Haufe, S. (2012). On the interpretability of linear multivariate neuroimaging analyses: Filters, patterns and their relationship [35]. NIPS Workshop on Machine Learning and Inference in Neuroimaging

Oganian, Y., and Ahissar, M. (2012). Poor anchoring limits dyslexics' perceptual, memory, and reading skills [36]. Neuropsychologia, 1895-1905.

Schillaci, G., Bodiroža, S., Hafner, V.V. (2012). Evaluating the e ect of saliency detection and attention manipulation in human-robot interaction [37]. International Journal of Social Robotics, 139-152.

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