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Waizel, M., Franke, F., Pipa, G., Chen, N., Muckli, L.F., and Obermayer, K. (2009). Neuronal coding challenged by memory load in prefrontal cortex [23]. 39th Annual Meeting of the Society for Neuroscience, SfN2009, Chicago, IL, USA

Wojcikiewicz, W., Vidaurre, C., Kawanabe, M. (2011). Stationary Common Spatial Patterns: Towards Robust Classification of Non-Stationary EEG Signals. [24]. Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP), 2011 IEEE International Conference, 577-580.

Wojcikiewicz, W. (2011). Single-Trial Classification of EEG Data in Non-Stationary Environments [25]. Joint Workshop of the German Research Training Groups in Computer Science. GITO mbH Verlag, 243.

Wojcikiewicz, W. and Vidaurre, C. and Kawanabe, M. (2011). Stationary common spatial patterns: Towards robust classification of non-stationary EEG signals [26]. Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP), 2011 IEEE International Conference on, 577-580.

Ziehm, U., Jannis Hildebrandt, J., and Benda, J. (2009). Intensity Invariance Emerging in a Feed Forward Network [27]. Abstracts of the Eighth Göttingen Meeting of the German Neuroscience Society

Ziehm, U., and Benda, J. (2011). Modulation of Information Transmission in a Convergent Sensory Network [28]. Abstracts of the Ninth Göttingen Meeting of the German Neuroscience Society

Ziehm, U., and Benda, J. (2010). Spike Frequency Adaptation and Peripheral Intensity Invariance in the Cricket [29].

Ziehm, U., and Benda, J. (2010). Synaptic Saturation Might Shape Adaptation Properties of Cricket Auditory Interneurons [30]. Bernstein Conference on Computational Neuroscience 2010

Schleimer, J.-H., Rokem, A., and Stemmler, M. (2008). Optimal phase dynamics of oscillatory neurons, the spike-triggered stimulus covariance, and maximal information transfer [31].

Schönfelder, V.H. and Wichmann, F.A. (2010). Machine Learning in Auditory Psychophysics: System Identification with Sparse Pattern Classifiers [32]. Proceedings of KogWis – 10th Meeting of the German Society for Cognitive Science, Potsdam, 2010

Schleimer, J.-H., and Stemmler, M. (2009). Neuronal Phase Response Curves for Maximal Information Transmission [33]. Bernstein Conference on Computational Neuroscience in Frankfurt

Samek, W., Kawanabe, M., and Vidaurre, C. (2011). Group-wise Stationary Subspace Analysis - A Novel Method for Studying Non-Stationarities [34]. Proceedings of 5th International Brain-Computer Interface Conference 2011

Roemschied, F.A., Eberhard, M.J.B., Ronacher, B., and Schreiber, S. (2011). Single-neuron Mechanisms of Temperature Compensation in the Locust Auditory System. Conference abstract and poster presentation [35]. Champalimaud Neuroscience Symposium, Lisbon, Portugal

Onken, A., Grünewälder, S., Munk, M. H. J., and Obermayer, K. (2010). A Maximum Entropy Mutual Information Test for Spike Counts of V1. [36]. Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting 2010, San Diego, California.

Onken, A. (2011). Stochastic Analysis of Neural Spike Count Dependencies [37]. Technische Universität Berlin

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