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Franke, F., Natora, M., Waizel, M., Muckli, L.F., Pipa, G., Obermayer, K., and Munk, M.H. (2009). Prefrontal firing rates reflect the number of stimuli processed for visual short-term memory. Front. Comput. Neurosci.

Franke, F., Natora, M., Waizel, M., Muckli, L.F., Pipa, G., Obermayer, K., and Munk, M.H. (2009). Prefrontal Firing Rates Reflect the Number of Stimuli Processed for Visual Short-Term Memory. Annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience, SfN2009, Chicago, IL, USA

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Onken, A., Grünewälder, S., Munk, M.H.J., and Obermayer, K. (2009). Analyzing Short-Term Noise Dependencies of Spike-Counts in Macaque Prefrontal Cortex Using Copulas and the Flashlight Transformation. PLoS Comput. Biol.. Public Library of Science, e1000577.

Schleimer, J.-H., and Stemmler, M. (2009). Coding of Information in Limit Cycle Oscillators. Phys. Rev. Lett. 2009 Dec 11;103(24):248105, 248105.


Clemens, J., Weschke, G., Vogel, A., and Ronacher, B. (2010). Intensity invariance properties of auditory neurons compared to the statistics of relevant natural signals in grasshoppers. Journal of Comparative Physiology A, 285-297.

Spitzer, B., Wacker, E., and Blankenburg, F. (2010). Oscillatory correlates of vibrotactile frequency processing in human working memory. Journal of Neuroscience, 4496-502.

Porbadnigk, A., Antons, J.N., Blankertz, B., Tredes, M.S., Schleicher, R., Möller, S., and Curio, G. (2010). Using ERPs for assessing the (sub)conscious perception of noise. Conference Proceedings IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, 2690-2693.

Porbadnigk A.K., Antons, J., Blankertz, B., Treder, M.S., Schleicher, R., Möller, S., and Curio, G. (2010). Assessing the (sub)conscious processing of noise based on ERPs. Frontiers in Neuroscience. Conference Abstract: Bernstein Conference

Bießmann, F., Murayama, Y., Meinecke, F.C., Logothetis, N.K., and Müller, K.-R. (2010). Spatiotemporal coupling between neural activity and BOLD response in primary visual cortex. AREADNE, Research in Encoding And Decoding of Neural Ensembles

Donoso, J.R., Maier, N., Schmitz, D., and Kempter, R. (2010). Reliability of synaptic conductance measurements during sharp-wave ripples. Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience Conference Abstract: Bernstein Conference on Computational Neuroscience

Ziehm, U., and Benda, J. (2010). Synaptic Saturation Might Shape Adaptation Properties of Cricket Auditory Interneurons. Bernstein Conference on Computational Neuroscience 2010

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