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Sonnenschein, B., and Schimansky-Geier, L. (2012). Onset of synchronization in complex networks of noisy oscillators [23]. Phys. Rev. E

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Dähne, S., Höhne, J., Haufe, S., Meinecke, F., Tangermann, M., Nikulin, V., and Müller, K.-R. (2012). Multi-variate correlation of power spectral density [30]. In Proceedings of the HBM Conference 2012, Beijing, China, June 2012

Dähne, S., Höhne, J., Haufe, S., Meinecke, F., Tangermann, M., Nikulin, V., and Müller, K.-R. (2012). Optimal spatial filters for correlating band power with cognitive function [31]. BBCI Workshop Berlin, September 2012

Bießmann, F., Murayama, Y., Logothetis, N.K., Müller, K.-R., and Meinecke, F. (2012). Improved decoding of neural activity from fMRI signals using non-separable spatiotemporal deconvolutions [32]. Neuroimage, 1031-1042.

Bießmann, F., Papaioannou, J.M., Braun, M., and Harth, A. (2012). Canonical trends: Detecting trend setters in web data [33]. In Proceedings of the 29th International Conference on Machine Learning, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Bießmann, F., Papaioannou, J.M., Harth, A., Jugel, M.L., Müller, K.-R., and Braun, M. (2012). Quantifying spatiotemporal dynamics of twitter replies to news feeds [34]. Proceedings of the IEEE International Workshop on Machine Learning for Signal Processing

Hahne, J.M., Rehbaum, H., Bießmann, F., Meinecke, F.C., Müller, K.-R., Jiang, N., Farina, D., and Parra, L.C. (2012). Simultaneous and proportional control of 2D wrist movements with myoelectric signals. [35]. 2012 IEEE International Workshop on Machine Learning for Signal Processing

Schönfelder, V., and Wichmann, F.A. (2012). Sparse regularized regression identi es behaviorally-relevant stimulus features from psychophysical data [36]. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 3953-3969.

Bießmann, F., Meinecke, F.C., Jugel, M.L., and Braun, M. (2012). Online CCA for realtime impact analysis of social media data [37]. NIPSWorkshop on Algorithmic and Statistical Approaches for Large Social Networks

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