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Phase dynamics of oscillatory neurons and neural coding
Zitatschlüssel Schleimer2008
Autor Schleimer, J.-H., and Stemmler, M.
Jahr 2008
DOI 10.3389/conf.neuro.10.2008.01.110
Journal Front. Comput. Neurosci.
Notiz Poster presentation
Zusammenfassung We relate the dynamical features of a neuron that fires almost periodically to its coding capabilities as represented in the spike-triggered covariance (STC) function and the rate of information transmission, with the goal of applying these findings to receptor neurons in the auditory pathway of grasshoppers. To first order, the phase dynamics is characterised by means of the phase response curve (PRC). We establish analytical relations between the STC as well as the transmitted information rate and a neuron's PRC. Once this analytical relation is established, spectrum and eigenmodes of the STC are readily calculated. Thereby one can understand how the PRC affects the stimulus features encoded by the neuron, which characterize the directions in the eigenspace of thea priori stimulus covariance whose variance is reduced upon spike triggering. The bound on the transmitted information rate allows us to tackle the question of whether there is a PRC particularly suited for high information transfer rates. As the PRC and the STC are experimentally accessible quantities, we compare the theoretical findings to estimates from electrophysiological recordings from the auditory receptor neurons of locusts. This formalism can allow us to understand if information theoretical properties shaped certain aspects of neuronal dynamics during evolution.
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