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Natora, M., Franke, F., Boucsein, C., Munk, M.H., and Obermayer, K. (2008). Online Spike Sorting with Optimal Multichannel Filters. 4th International Workshop on Statistical Analysis of Neuronal Data (SAND4), Pittsburgh PA, USA

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Natora, M., Franke, F., and Obermayer, K. (2009). Optimal Convolutive Filters for Real-Time Detection and Arrival Time Estimation of Transient Signals. World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology 55, Oslo, Norway

Dähne, S., Wilbert, N., and Wiskott, L. (2009). Learning Complex Cell Units from Simulated Prenatal Retinal Waves with Slow Feature Analysis. BMC Neuroscience 2009, P129.


Porbadnigk, A., Antons, J.N., Blankertz, B., Tredes, M.S., Schleicher, R., Möller, S., and Curio, G. (2010). Using ERPs for assessing the (sub)conscious perception of noise. Conference Proceedings IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, 2690-2693.

Ziehm, U., and Benda, J. (2010). Synaptic Saturation Might Shape Adaptation Properties of Cricket Auditory Interneurons. Bernstein Conference on Computational Neuroscience 2010

Schönfelder, V.H. and Wichmann, F.A. (2010). Machine Learning in Auditory Psychophysics: System Identification with Sparse Pattern Classifiers. Proceedings of KogWis – 10th Meeting of the German Society for Cognitive Science, Potsdam, 2010

Görgen, K., Reverberi, C., and Haynes, J.-D. (2010). Decoding neural representations of rules and rule order. Poster Abstract, Bernstein Conference on Computational Neuroscience. Berlin, Germany, 27 Sep - 1 Oct, 2010. In FRONTIERS EVENTS: Bernstein Conference on Computational Neuroscience.

Antons, J.-N., Schleicher, R., Wolf, I., Porbadnigk, A.K., Blankertz, B., Möller, S., and Curio, G. (2010). Neural Correlates of Speech Degradation – Subjective Ratings and Brain Activation in Case of Signal-correlated Noise. In Proc. of the 3rd Int’l Workshop on Perceptual Quality of Systems

Bießmann, F., and Harth, A. (2010). Analysing Dependency Dynamics in Web Data. Proceedings of AAAI Spring Symposium "Linked Data Meets Artificial Intelligence"

Natora, M., Franke, F., Broda, S., and Obermayer, K. (2010). Optimal Steering Vector Adaptation for Linear Filters Leading to Robust Beamforming. 4th International Symposium on Communications, Control and Signal Processing, Cyprus

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