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Bodiroža, S., Stern, H.I., Hafner, V.V., and Edan, Y. (2012). A diachronic approach for human-humanoid discourse. 5th Conference of International Society for Gesture Studies

Rummel, J., Rea, E., Voget, M., Schmidt, T.T., Mathe, A., Vollmayr, B., and Winter, C. (2012). Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) as a potential treatment in therapy-resistant depression - an animal experimental study. 42st Annual Meeting of the Society-for-Neuroscience

Bhattacharyya, A., Bießmann, F., Veit, J., Kretz., R., and Rainer, G. (2012). Functional and laminar dissociations between muscarinic and nicotinic neuromodulation in the tree shrew primary visual cortex. Eur J Neurosci, 1270-80.

Sonnenschein, B., and Schimansky-Geier, L. (2012). Onset of synchronization in complex networks of noisy oscillators. Phys. Rev. E

Onken, A., Dragoi, V., and Obermayer, K. (2012). A maximum entropy test for evaluating higher-order correlations in spike counts. PLoS Comput. Biol., e1002539.

Ritter, P., Schirner, M., Reinacher, M., Rothmeier, S., Schwarz, J., McIntosh, A., and Jirsa, V. (2012). Merging computational models and multimodal imaging data using The Virtual Brain. Human Brain Mapping

Biessmann, F., Murayama, Y., Logothetis, N.K., Müller, K.-R., and Meinecke, F. (2012). Improved decoding of neural activity from fMRI signals using non-separable spatiotemporal deconvolutions. Neuroimage, 1031-1042.

Ostwald, D., Spitzer, B., Guggenmos, M., Schmidt, T., Kiebel, S., and Blankenburg, F. (2012). Evidence for neural encoding of Bayesian surprise in human somatosensation. NeuroImage, 177-188.

Reverberi, C., Görgen, K., and Haynes, J.-D. (2012). Distributed representations of rule identity and rule order in human frontal cortex and striatum. J. Neurosci., 17420-17430.


Samek, W., Binder, A., and Müller, K.-R. (2013). Multiple kernel learning for brain-computer interfacing. Proceedings of 35th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (accepted for publication)

Görgen, K., and Hebart, M.N. (2013). Multivariate Mustererkennung (MVPA) fur fMRT. Satellite course for the SPM course, UKE Hamburg

Görgen, K., Schultze-Kraft, R., Haynes, J.-D., and Blankertz, B. (2013). Cooperating brains: Dual-BCI as a new paradigm to investigate brain-to-brain coordination. Peer-reviewed Conference Proceedings of the BCI Meeting 2013, Asilomar, USA

Schultze-Kraft, R., Görgen, K., Wenzel, M., Haynes, J.-D., and Blankertz, B. (2013). Cooperating brains: Joint control of a dual-BCI. Peer-reviewed Conference Proceedings of the Joint Action Meeting JAM 2013, Berlin, Germany

Roemschied, F., Schleimer, J.-H., Eberhard, M., Ronacher, B., Schreiber, S. (2013). Cellular temperature compensation of sensory receptor neuron responses. Computational Neuroscience Meeting in Paris, France

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